Whatsapp Testing “Dismiss As Group Admin” Feature

Its not been even a year since whatsapp launched stories on its app. Now it is also testing another feature that will be much appreciated by those annoyed by group chats on the platform. This feature allows a group admin to dismiss another admin, without removing the person from the group. Currently when an admin promotes someone to the admin position, removing them as admin meant that the person has to removed from the group.

This feature is reported to be under testing by WhatsApp on both Android and iOS platforms. As for the Android, this feature is available in WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.18.12. Also, WhatsApp has added new features to its WhatsApp Business beta app that hint at the official launch of the app.

Seeing the fact that in India group admins can face legal problems if caught promoting fake news, this feature may come in handy. This feature will let you remove unnecessary admins, because in some group chats, you’d rather have only one user as the main admin.

Other than this Whatsapp is also working  for the launch of the business counterpart of its popular messaging app called whats-app business. That is also still in its beta. The WhatsApp Business beta version 2.18.3 brings a new feature called Labels. The Labels in WhatsApp Business will be exactly similar to that inside Gmail service. It will allow businesses to ‘filter’ chats and messages to classify them easily.



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