What Is A Virtual Data Room Or Online Data Room

What is a Virtual Data Room

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a series of extranets that provide an online repository for data to be stored.              An extranet is essentially a website with limited controlled access, using a secure log-on supplied by the vendor Businesses typically use a  secure virtual data room to share critical information with external customers and partners in a secure, online environment. The Virtual Data Room allows both parties to view documents relevant to a particular transaction for authorized users. Documents are stored in electronic format on a central server and accessed via the Internet.

Benefits Of Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms are alternatives for long rows of file cabinets that take up a lot of space in offices. Even though now a days everything is digital,many companies still have a section for hard records like paper files,invoices,etc.


Data protection is one the main concerns of both companies and their clients.The most critical issue for every client deciding to take on virtual storage is data security. In addition to guaranteeing that their VDR data centers are protected, there are other internal means that can be used by providers: check for any malicious software, put watermarks on files, use complex authorizations, restrict view of data room, backup data and use file encryption.



In today’s world, the use of a physical storage space just doesn’t make sense anymore. With a virtual data room, critical documentation becomes accessible regardless of your physical location. The ease of controlled electronic access increases productivity and allows your company to securely share documents with partners.


Due Diligence

The best advantage of a Virtual Data Room Or Online Data Room is that multiple parties can complete the due-diligence process at once. This reduces the time cost and increase swiftness in the process. Using features like keyword searches within the documents, these individuals are able to quickly process information.



All parties who are concerned highly value the opportunity for working with their business processes as quickly as possible. The major means to achieve this is through bulk uploads, good speed, simultaneously working system processes. Better data management also leads to better familiarization of the data room, and as a result, faster operation.



VDRs help you to understand your clients, and investors better. They increase the transparency for both the companies and the clients. For example, when granting access to documents in a VDR you gain access to all of the activities regarding that document. You will have access to when the document is reviewed as well as what time and how frequently.



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