Oculus Go release date, price, news and features

Oculus Go release date, price, news and features

Mark Zuckerburg Facebook CEO unveiled the Oculus Go, during the Oculus Connect 4 event in October 2017 an ambitious device that at last gives meaning to a term like “affordable virtual reality device” in late 2017.By now, your best options for wallet-friendly VR rigs were units like the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR headset, both of which involve awkwardly slipping a smartphone into the unit when you want to hang out in virtual spaces.


It could get relatively pricey, too. If you picked up latest Samsung Gear VR with its controller, you’d be paying $129/£119/AU$199 for the privilege. But a new affordable VR headset offered alongside the Oculus Rift that doesn’t require a smartphone or PC to operate. The Oculus Go is a fully standalone “all-in-one” device. That means you no longer need a smartphone to power it as with the Gear VR, but more importantly, you don’t need to hook it up to your PC as you do with the pricier $399/£399 (around AU$640) Oculus Rift headset. More news about the upcoming Oculus Go headset surfaced during CES 2018, where some of the specs were revealed. Here, we present the latest news and everything you need to know about the Oculus Go, including release date rumors, UK pricing, design and features.

We know roughly when to expect the Oculus Go to become available in the UK, how much will it cost? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced that the new VR headset would be much cheaper than the existing £399 Oculus Rift, but didn’t divulge UK pricing. Zuckerburg did confirm a $199 US price tag however, leading us to believe that the standalone VR headset will cost £199 in the UK. One of the chief complaints about virtual reality is that looking at images often feels as though you’re looking through a screen door, but Oculus’ VR chief Hugo Barra said the Go should help eliminate much of that problem.

The technology involved includes a fast-switch LCD display boasting a 2560 x 1440 resolution, which will also help get rid of some of the lag as you move and the images adjust to your movements. The lenses are even better than the ones currently used for the Oculus Rift, offering “significantly reduced glare.” Spatial audio is built right into the headset, improving the immersive experience as you move around. If you need more privacy, though, or if you believe the Go’s speakers just don’t deliver the quality you seek, you can hook up your own headphones through the 3.5mm audio jack as well. You’ll also get a remote controller with the Go, but it doesn’t fully track your motions, likely in an effort to keep the price down. Yet it intentionally resembles the remote used for Samsung’s Gear VR set, thus freeing developers to create apps for both units at once. Xiaomi is Oculus’ official hardware partner for the Go headset, and will indeed be producing a rebadged device for the Chinese market called the Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone.

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The hardware will be the same in both headsets. The Oculus Go will look largely like the Oculus Rift: a viewer with three adjustable head straps that should keep the headset secure without being too tight or uncomfortable. While on the subject of comfort, the Oculus Go features a breathable mesh fabric for the facial padding that should help negate some of the sweatiness found after long stints in VR. The headset is also said to be lighter than the Oculus Rift, although there’s no specifics on weight or dimensions available just yet. You can also wave goodbye to the annoying cables that anchor down the likes of the Rift, Vive and PlayStation VR as the Oculus Go is completely wireless. Oculus Rift isn’t the all-encompassing “future of entertainment,” but we’re optimistic that it might earn that title in the coming weeks, months and years. Has Snug fitting, great VR games, Growing list of movies and apps, But Can cause nausea,


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