LG V30S Thinq Price & Release Date

LG is usually one of the giant hitters of Mobile World Congress. In 2016, the company used this show to debut its fundamental LG G5 modular flagship. In 2017, we saw the LG G6, which was among the first phones with an almost bezel-free display. But in 2018, LG is giving us a rework: the LG V30S ThinQ.

LG V30S ThinQ has officially been exposed just ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. As LG revealed earlier this month, the new smartphone is the heir to last year’s LG V30 and is designed with new artificial intelligence (AI) powered technologies to sit against the rivalry that is expected become tougher with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.This is one of the strangest mid-cycle updates I have ever come crossways – mostly because there is barely anything actually new here. LG also hasn’t fixed, or tried to fix, any of the issues I had with the LG V30 originally.

So, what’s new for the V30S?

The major focus of the LG V30S ThinQ is to offer an enhanced camera and voice recognition familiarity. Therefore, the company has built its Vision AI and Voice AI technologies. Vision AI offers three new camera features, called AI CAM, QLens, and Bright Mode.

lg 30s thinq

AI CAM is intended to investigate subjects in the frame and recommend optimal shooting mode among eight categories, namely portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset. QLens, on the other hand, allows users to scan QR codes to improve the online shopping experience.

It is claimed to give information as to where to buy the product online at the lowest price as well as endorse users of similar items. This is something that Samsung is already offering through its Bixby assistant and the recently developed Samsung Mall app. Further, the QLens feature offers detailed information of landmarks such as buildings and statues. Notably, Google Lens is already offering similar features.

LG has also considered low-light photography improvements as one of the areas to offer through the V30S ThinQ. Thus, the handset comes preloaded with a Bright Mode that is advertised to use some procedures to brighten shots by a factor of two, without increasing noise levels.

LG has also brought Voice AI to the V30S ThinQ, first unveiled at CES earlier this with the new ThinkQ range of products. The branded technology is designed to run apps and change settings using voice commands. It also works with Google Assistant. LG lately revealed some of its exclusive voice commands that will be combined to enhance the Voice AI functionality.

The other measurement are –

·         Display 6-inch QHD+ (2880 x 1440) 18:9
·         HDR HDR10
·         System-on-Chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
·         RAM 6GB
·         Storage 128GB/256GB + micro SD card slot (up to 2TB)
·         Sound 32-bit Quad DAC, MQA audio decoding
·         Front Camera 5MP
·         Rear Camera 16MP f/1.6 + 13MP f/1.9 wide-angle
·         Battery Capacity 3,300 mAh
·         IP Rating IP68
·         Quick Charging Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0
·         Misc. Vision AI and Voice AI

The LG V30S is an LG V30 with more RAM and some flashy new types – that’s it. All the AI camera tweaks will come to the older model, so that’s not a reason to desirable for the S.

It seems like it’s a phone designed to fill an LG G7 shaped hole at MWC and not much else.

Like the V30, I think it’ll be a good phone, but it doesn’t really need to exist.

At this time, the price and release date have yet to be announced.


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