How To Fix Otg Problems

Otg cable is of a great use now a days. Previously to transfer files from a hard disk to your phone ,one had to first copy it to a computer ,then to your phone but now with the help of otg cable one can directly transfer files from hard disk or pen drive to their android phone.

But easy as it seems , many phones do not support otg cables as mobile companies restrict their phones so that mounting heavy devices would not damage their phone, but thanks to developers and geeks of the technical stuff,there are ways to make a otg cable work even if your phone does not support it. But first of all you will need to root a phone. i wrote a article on how to root a android phone,check that for more details.

Now lets say you have rooted your phone, you have to download a software from playstore called ‘Usb Otg Helper’

Now follow these steps to mount any device on your android phone-

-Plug in the otg cable along with the pendrive or hard disk you want to mount.

-launch the application and give it root permission.

-The app will show a waiting message and after 30 seconds you see a message ‘Successfully mounted’. But here is the catch. In many cases it will also display a message “No devices mounted (code 9)” & “No devices mounted (code 5)”.

Let me put those in a simple way.Whenever you see a message with “code 9” it means the device is successfully mounted and when you see a “code 5”, that means there is a problem with your device or the otg cable. Pull it out and reinsert it. Like i said you earlier many devices still wont support the otg cable. There is no solution for that. All you can do is a to buy a new android phone.

Now Many devices does not display the mounted device on the internal file manager ,do not panick. All you have to do is download any third party file manager like es explorer and then you can access your files.


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