How To Create A Website And Rank It in Google

Lets assume you have already purchased a domain name and hosting space. If not its very simple,visit any hosting providers like go daddy etc, and buy a suitable domain name and hosting space as required. The real process starts from here.

After setting up your domain name , click on “manage” besides your domain name ,you will be redirected to your hosting page,where you will find file manager and many more options for your website.  Scroll down to bottom untill you find applications. Click on it and find WordPress official app.

Install wordpress ,it will take a while to install and after installing you will be asked some details adn at the end you will get your admin wordpress link for you website. Lets say your websites name is then the link will look like this–  ””.

Once you get this link all your work will be done from here. Open that link and enter your password, youll be brought to wordpress dashboard. The first thing you have to do is install a theme for your website. To do that click on Appearance>Themes and then select between hundreds of free and premium themes. Once a theme is installed Click on customization and customize your website accordingly. Another important step is the permalinks settings. The permalinks should always be set on post name. To do that go to Settings>Permalinks. Create pages like home,post,etc as needed and start adding posts.

Now comes the ranking part. The ranking part is a bit tricky.  Ok follow these steps-

  • To rank your website in google you have to submit a xml file of your website in google webmasters. Lets say your website is completely ready with a good number of articles and content. Now search google for xml generator. Open the site and enter your websites url and click on generate. A xml file will be created.Download the xml file.
  • upload the xml file into the root folder of your domian hosting. To do that open your domain ac, go to file manager>public html folder> upload.
  • Open Google webmasters and sign into your account. Now complete all the required steps and then at the end go to submit option and enter your xml files name in it.  The name for every xml file is mostly “sitemap”.

Wait for a few days till your articles get ranked on google.


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