How To Create A Youtube Account & Start Earning From It

YouTube is a video sharing site that not only allows one to share their videos but also allows to earn money from them. Whenever someone uploads a video, youtube will display ads on them. It keeps a certain percentage of the revenue to itself as it is providing free space for your videos and the rest is distributed to the owners.

Well creating a youtube ac is a lot simple as it is a part of google now. One can access any Google products just by simply logging into it using their Gmail ac details. Follow these steps –

Open youtube and sign in using your Gmail name and password. Once you sign in, You will see an icon on the top right corner, click on it and you will find a button called creator studio. Next to that will be a settings icon.Click on that and find the option called create new channels.

Once you have created a new channel, now you have to sign up for monetization. To do that go to the creator studio and click on the channel. There you will find an option called monetization. Enable it and you will be redirected to Adsense page. Fill up your details and accept the agreement. It will take a day or two to get your Adsense account approved. As per the old youtube policy, once Adsense ac gets approved ads would start appearing on your videos but as per the latest youtube policy of 2017, your channel must have a total of 10000 views for ads to start appearing on your videos and that too after a manual verification the youtube channel.

The channel is ready, now the part of monetizing your videos. Once you upload a video, you will see an option beside called monetization, click on that so that ads appear on your video. Additionally, if your videos are more than 10 minutes long, then you can manually place ads between your videos. Never ever click on your own ads, the algorithm detects it and it will lead in invalid click activity and may ultimately lead to permanent ban of your Adsense account.You cannot ever open Adsense account on your name again.

Also, it sometimes happens that users fail to see their video statistics and earnings in their Adsense account. To solve that problem. Open your Adsense account>performance reports> Select hosted ac for content.

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