How To Create A Virtual Credit Card

Create A Virtual Credit Card Using This Simple Process. A virtual credit card  is an add-on Debit or credit  card issued on your primary card. It does not have any materialistic existence. All relevant details like the card number, the ‘VALID FROM’ date, the expiry date and the CVV number are visible online.

Credit card are sometimes difficult to get untill and unless you fulfill certain criteria in you bank a/c. Even though we get options like ” Cash on Delivery ” , “Net Banking”  ,but best discounts and offers are only available for credit cad users.

No worries !! you can create virtual credit card anytime that actually works as a credit card. I will show two methods to create virtual card – 1.) From Your Online Banking Ac,  2.) Using Entropay. You can skip to second point if you are searching for Entropay. Follow these steps to do so–


1.Create A Virtual Credit Card From Your Online Banking Ac

1. Open your Net Banking A/c

If you have your net banking feature enabled then login into our Ac using your credentials

2. Click on E- Cards

3. Generate Virtual Card

Click on generate virtual card and enter the amount that you want and click on generate. Payment can only be made upto the amount specified in the virtual credit card.

A virtual credit card image will appear that will look similar to a real debit or credit card.

** Note — The card will only be valid till the date specified while generating card. Make sure to enter a correct date as per your requirement.

— You can also cancel the virtual card before the date expires.

The process is same for almost every bank.

2.Creating Virtual Card From Third Party Websites like Entropay & Paypal

Many Of you may not have activated their online banking account or may be your bank does not allow you to create a virtual debit/credit card. Website like entropay ,payumoney ,etc lets you create virtual credit cards. Follow these steps:

1. Create an account in Entropay(for example).

2. Login into your account and you will find an option called create card.Click on it.

3. A card will be automatically created for you & the card will appear like this(image below):

how to create a virtual credit card in entropay

4. A “top-up” button will appear below the card. You just need to recharge your card whenever you have a payment to make.

** Note-  In both the cases,once the card expires, the remaining amount in your virtual card will be transferred toyour account or wallet.


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