2018 Will Bring Powerfull Powerful Earthquakes As Earth’s Rotation Slows Down

Its not even 2 days since we enter 2018, a report released by the University of Colorado, it is said that the speed of earthquake will increase in the new year. Several shocks over 7 levels in the year 2018 can shake the world. It was also claimed in the report that earthquake level can also be up to 9.0. About 20 such earthquakes can occur in 2018.

This prediction comes from the fact that the Earth is currently experiencing a periodic slowdown of its rotation.Historically, these slowdowns have coincided with peak times for earthquakes and seismic activity.The published report says, when the planet will enter in to slow rotation period, that will decrease the centrifugal force and tighten the planet’s equator. After that, the tectonic plates will crush with each other. The force that will erupt from this event will start super earthquakes on Earth.

It has been reported in the report that these earthquake can shake other areas including Western America, Southern Europe, the Middle East, South America. Not only that but there is also high probability of volcano eruptions this year. However, these things have not been confirmed in the report.


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